Help Us To Build It By Donating $125 Per Sq. Ft. 

Every Single Donation Will Help Us Closer To Begin Construction And Reach Our Goal!

We have the land, the room to build and a strong board and volunteers to make this happen.

Since 2012, we have been providing a loving rescue rehabilitating and rehoming of the most vulnerable birds in the world with owners who are well educated on how to care for their companion parrot with an 80% adoption record.

Our ongoing coaching and continued monitoring establishes a solid rapport of the progress with the new bird owners between the new relations to assure the bids are well cared for and thriving in their new home.

We also provide a sanctuary to the 20% the non-chosen adoptable birds and special needs parrots, which may otherwise remain vulnerable without our long-term care program.

Fact is that the room for the non-chosen adoptable has become quite limited. In addition, the requests from bird owners here in Bend Oregon needing housing for adoptable birds need multiply faster than the standard adoption protocol.

 Expending our facility is our only solution to keep up with at the rate of intake of birds and proper accommodation for the birds in need. 

Your financial support to help us add an addition to our existing building to accommodate the need is a sad situation because it requires financial support and time to bring it to completion. In which birds have no understanding of such need but people like you do.

Our pressing solution:

  • Add an addition to our existing building with birds access to indoor and outdoor aviaries

  • Enlarge our separate quarantine quarters

  • Add space to our adoption center and educational center

  • Provide the proper space and care for the unchosen adoptable birds

Building an addition will not only solve the immediate issue for housing birds in need but also afford us to expand our facility to 5000sq ft.

A 200’ building with bird access to the indoor and outdoor individual aviaries.

With the addition and additional room, we will be able to do much more.

  • Entice and engage individuals who interest is to be a bird’s caregiver by offering volunteer opportunities as well as helping us care for the birds.  

  • Help to prevent new rescues to open with minimal experience in handling and caring for exotics.

  • Coach inexperienced individuals (without any essential education or experience) to the nonprofit business aspects business operations that will make a huge difference to the avian community long-term. 

  • Intake birds and eliminate some of the burdened rescues and sanctuaries who are underfunded, overcrowded with vulnerable birds waiting adoptions and their caregivers who may be recovering from illness, operations or palliative care needs.

  • Allow us to be ready to intake birds from rescues who face emergency shut downs, retiring or getting older, passed away or loosing board members to help their organization survive.

  • Collaborate with other rescues across the States who lack the facilities to house birds and the ability to provide a separate quarters for each new bird at risk or do not have adequate volunteers to care for the large number of birds under their care and work endless hours while suffering from fatigue and burn out.   


One Square Foot Only $125 to help us expand our facility and accommodate birds and their needs.