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Human Interaction

Brings Birds

Happiness and Pleasure

Together We Contibute In Making An Impact 

Welcome to Second Chance Bird Rescue

We are located in Bend Oregon and our job is to care for the most volnerable birds in the world.

Our organization was founded by Donna Cosley over 11 years ago to provide a rescue,rehailitation and a permanent residence for homeless, unwanted and special needs parrots. It is here that the birds experience a re-adjustment from loosing their home, overcome past issues, learn from each other and rediscover joy and playfulness while receiving quality care, love and human interaction and with time be ready to meet their new adoptive parent (s).

Since inseption we have had an 80% adoption record. We believe it is due our education and guidence to new bird owners and our doption process that helps build confidence and nuture a solid relationship prior to adoption.

We also provide a sanctuary for the 20% of the non-chosen adoptable birds or bequetted birds which consist of the special needs parrots, remain as permanent residents. 

If you feel our rescue can help you and your bird in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us.



By Appointment Only

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Our Team.

Our dedicated board members and volunteers work tirelessly to upkeep with the enourmous work that is required to upkeep the enviroment of our facility clean and safe which is the first most important duty when housing exotic birds.

They also help to provide each bird with human interaction, feedings, bird toys, veterinary care and most importantly care the love and affection birds deserve.          

Our founder, Donna personally rehabilitates and rehomes these birds with owners who are well educated on how to care for their companion parrot and supports new companion "parrots" before, during and after the adoption process to helps build confidence and nuture a solid relationship beween bird and owner.

Our team not only upkeep with the keeping the facility in order but spend many hours interacting with all the birds expecially our permanent residents who ned interaction the most.

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