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Bird Care Service

We provide short termfamily-based bird boarding when you need due to traveling, working long hours, recovering from an illness, renovating/selling your home, or away for another reason.

Bird Grooming is available by appointment only.

Bird Boarding

To reserve boarding for your bird, please fill out our quotation form with boarding dates needed and type of bird. Be sure to include as much information as possible such as:

  • need to include for us to provide cage

  • food, treas, nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, grains

  • toys for recreational enrichment

  • need to administer any necessary medications.

This will allow us to provide accurate pricing and availability on dates requested. 

A veterinary record of good health must accompany bird. 

We require pre-payment for boarding dates scheduled. Any additional cost for any extra days or other charges ae due upon releasing of the bird.


Bird Grooming

To make an appointment for bird grooming please

Email: or call Donna 916-956-2153

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